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Vlog: Brooke - mała Amerykanka która śni o Polsce

25 Feb 2012

To jest bardzo interesująca historia o dziewczynce w USA, która nie ma polskich korzeni ale zakochała się w Polsce w prosty sposób.

Czytaj cały list Brooke tutaj.

Proszę podaj mi poprawki w serwisie Lang-8.

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Spreading our love of Poland

21 Feb 2012

We just got an email from my mother-in-law that I am sooo excited about!

She works as a 1st grade teacher near Appleton, Wisconsin. When my wife and I were in Poland, we worked as English teachers. Although our students were a little older than hers, we set up a penpal project with her students in the USA.

So, our students in Poland wrote letters to her students in the USA. Then they wrote back - and so on. I think both groups managed to write two letters in the course of a school year.

My wife returned to the USA a few times to visit family. One of those times she went to her mother's class to talk about Poland. She told a few fairy tales about Kraków (from the book Legends of Cracow), including the one about the Wawel dragon. This was already almost two years ago.

Then, at the end of last month, Brooke, one of my mother-in-law's former students, wrote her a letter. This little girl - who has no Polish heritage - is still thinking about Poland! It appears we've managed to spread our love of Poland to her.

I think it's contagious. ;-)

Read more to see her actual letter!