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How to swear like a Pole: pierd*lić

12 Jul 2011
Symbols - to look like censored profanity - inside a 'no' or 'not allowed' sign
These words should be used by experts only! Photo by stockicide on Flickr.

For some reason, many people are fascinated with swear words in foreign languages. Frequently, people I meet ask me how to say them in Polish. I've only given in a few times and I've always regretted it later.

Imagine hearing someone yelling the k-word everytime they see you! Or repeating it over and over endlessly at a party.

But swear words are a very interesting topic when looked at intellectually. In English, it's amazing all the different meanings that the f-word can have! Swear words are often some of the most versitile and colorful words in any language.

Today's article is a guest post by skorway on YouTube (who is a Pole) about all the different meanings and variations of the Polish swear word pierd*lić.

Note: That's not really how the word is spelled, the asterisk is to censor it (just like typing "f**k" in English). The full article is UNCENSORED and may not be appropriate for some readers! You have been warned.

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