"Matter Of Time" - An original song by David Snopek

20 Nov 2010
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Painting, room with volcano
Painting by Allison Snopek

I wrote "Matter Of Time" in the summer of 2004. At the time I was depressed and drinking very heavily. I was also very lonely. I hadn't had a girlfriend for over a year ("10,000 lonely nights" is an exaggeration, 400 would be more accurate) -- which isn't surprising because I was drunk all the time. I did a lot of things that I regret. The song is about frustration about my life and who I had become.

But it's a hopeful song! I promise myself that I won't always be this way. Which is, of course, how it turned out. ;-) I don't have any of those problems anymore.

Read more to listen to the song and read the lyrics.

Video (with song)

The painting behind me was done by my sister, Allison Snopek.


Verse I

I won't always be a drunk
I won't always be a liar
I won't always be a failure, in my own eyes

I don't need your cold intentions
Right on,

Some day I'll write a song
And someone will sing along

Some day I'll make it too
Some day I'll be telling you

About all my old addictions
About 10,000 lonely nights
Come on,


It's only a matter of time now
I'm picking up, picking up, picking up,
the scent of it all.

Verse II

I won't always be so vain
I won't always play the creep
I won't always follow the pretty girl
from room to room to room, yeah.

Heaven hold your apathy
Right on,

Some day I won't shy away
Some day I'll accept my place
Some day I'll wake up
and realize all this.

Storm clouds don't frighten me,
Some things will [can] never
be free.

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